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Nuuly Staff Engineer - Services

URBN Outfitters, Inc. - Philadelphia, PA

We're Nuuly, a clothing rental subscription and a peer-to-peer resale platform, all under one umbrella. Our mission is to support everyone who loves fashion and wants to wear, buy and sell it in ways that are gentler on the planet—and their wallet. We're a creative, welcoming community that helps people to explore a more sustainable relationship with fashion in the way—and at the pace—that feels right for them.

Nuuly is a small-but-growing company within a larger company, where creative problem solving is valued and an entrepreneurial spirit encouraged. We custom-built both the Nuuly Rent and the Nuuly Thrift platforms in-house with a tight-knit team of engineers, product managers and data scientists. We created a best-in-class platform tailored to adapt to the needs of a new and growing business—one that isn't like any other offering out there. We're always listening to our customers and our in-house team allows us to be able to react, enhance or evolve that experience quickly based on their feedback.

Collaboration across departments is an integral part of working at Nuuly—some of our services engineers have even found themselves pulled into photo shoots and merchandising! We offer competitive compensation, incentive bonuses and flexible work-from-home options, as well as a dog-friendly campus with all the perks at the Philadelphia Navy Yard


Staff Engineer - Services

Reports to

Sr. Manager of Engineering


Building performant scalable cloud service environments is hard. Nuuly knows this first hand, having built a Cloud Based, KafkaStreams service platform from the ground up to power our online customer experience services and drive the logistics and processing of our garment distribution center.

We’re looking for a Staff Engineer with the initiative and expertise to take this platform and help mature it into a stable, scalable, and robust backbone for launching the next wave of Nuuly innovations.

You’ll need a conversational grasp of streaming and message processing fundamentals. Solid confidence with JVM-based tools such as Kotlin, Spring, and Micronaut. You’ll also need a reasonable amount of aptitude in designing and integrating Kubernetes services with cloud based platform APIs such as Google Cloud, AWS, or Azure.

As a Staff Engineer you’ll also bring experience that extends beyond personal code contribution: leading design and requirements grooming, driving communication between teams, and providing critical feedback and mentorship opportunities. You should be adept at picking up new technologies and patterns and comfortable discussing and debating the pros and cons of various approaches. Most of all you should be ready and willing to tackle new challenges with a supportive team of creative and hard working professionals.


A typical week at Nuuly in this role may involve:

  • Producing architectural proposals and engaging in discussions and decision making for new features and platform evolution
  • Collaborating with the product team to design solutions for stakeholder features
  • Mentoring junior engineers and engaging in code review and pair coding
  • Delivering the whole lifecycle of deployable features: code, configuration, documentation, and support
  • Contributing to roadmaps and process development to deliver features and evolve our architecture
  • Collaborating with QA and Platform Engineering team to test code and keep our integrated testing environments unblocked


  • Knowledge of one or more server-side object-oriented programming languages
  • Able to talk comfortably about streaming data, distributed system design, and relative merits of different messaging technologies and patterns
  • Experience and enthusiasm for testing and test-driven development
  • Able to hit the ground running and quickly familiarize yourself with an existing codebase and toolset
  • Able to propose and walk through solutions in informal tech leadership discussions

Job Skills

  • Experience with streaming or asynchronous data processing
  • Experience with major cloud providers, such as GCP, AWS, or Azure
  • Experience with web services standards and related technologies, such as HTTP, JSON, REST
  • Operational knowledge of Java, Kotlin, or Scala or other JVM language
  • Experience with at least one mainstream distributed system (e.g., Kafka, Spark, Storm, Cassandra, etc.)
  • Experience with messaging formats: (JSON, proto, avro, etc)
  • Knowledge of container technologies such as Docker and Kubernetes


Degree in a software or engineering-aligned field and/or proven hands-on experience with the full software development lifecycle


Philadelphia, PA

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